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Advanced Metering System Deployment

Sharyland Utilities (Sharyland) filed our Advanced Metering System plan with the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) on January 23, 2015 (Docket #44361 ). This plan outlines Sharyland’s strategy to deploy advanced meters throughout our service territory to improve customer service and enable customers to proactively control their energy usage.

Customer Benefits

Advanced Meter Systems (AMS) offer several advancements in Sharyland’s operational abilities, which ultimately benefit our customers. These benefits include:

  • Improved customer service – Through remote capabilities, Sharyland can provide faster meter reading and service connections.
  • Improved outage response – Advanced Meters will automatically show outage locations so repairs can begin quickly.
  • More privacy – Advanced Meters can be read remotely so meter readers no longer have to enter your property. Sharyland will still need occasional access for testing and maintenance.
  • Reduction in service fees – With remote connection capabilities, service fees will be reduced.
  • Expanded product options – Retail Electric Providers (REPs) may offer new, innovative price plans, such as time-of-use rates or pre-paid pricing.
  • Accessible energy data – Customers can better control their energy usage and budget accordingly.

As this process continues, additional information related to Sharyland’s advanced meter deployment plan will be added to this page. Customers may choose to receive electric service through a non-standard meter and opt-out of service through an advanced meter.   In pending Docket No. 44361, the PUCT will approve fees and charges that apply to non-standard metering service in Sharyland’s service territory. Upon conclusion of the PUCT proceeding, a form for electing non-standard metering service will be made available as a resource below.


Pending PUCT Approval:  Docket #44361 

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